Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Live in 2013

Life is become so much difficult that it is difficult to survive even in the developed nations. Most of the people in the world are living under the poverty line and this is mainly because of the increase in inflation and overall economic pressures. American economy is also seeing one of the worst periods and it has been estimated that more than 30% of the American youth will be unemployed by the end of 2020. So what is the solution? The cheap countries are considered to be those countries that are very much less in their man power and there are no issues that are related to the high taxes for the rich. Most of the people also search the cheapest countries on Google mainly because of the tourism factor. These countries allow you to enjoy in a very low amount and you can achieve greatest pleasure in a very low amount of money. So keeping in view of interests posed by the general public this list has been compiled under the title of Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Live in 2013 and we do hope that you will enjoy this article and will visit the countries that are mentioned in this article. So here it starts!

10. Croatia


Unlike the rest of Europe, Croatia is heavily different and has a very unique control over the inflation rate that allows the tourists to enjoy and recreate in a very small amount of money.

9. Peru


Rain forest and the natural greenery combined with the overall lower value of money as compared to US Dollar, enables the tourists to explore many options in Peru. Fishing and mining businesses are at their peak.

8. Bali


This part of Asia is very much prominent mainly due to the beauty that covers the whole island. In addition this beauty is being aggravated by lower or cheap value of money that can change your life style.

7. Morocco


African part of the world provides you with the well renovated hotels and all the facilities at very lower rates. This is the cheapest location in Africa as it provides suitable policies for the new businessmen.

6. Greece


Country of Romans and gladiators is standing on number 6. The living style and overall condition of the country supports lower inflation and that helps in lowering of prices. It is also a good place to live.

5. Mexico


North American tail is standing on 5th. The fabulous resorts and exciting places attract a number of tourists and new investors from all over the world.

4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

It is also a good place to live as the overall inflation of the country is very low. The best places are surrounded by rivers and the wetland agriculture is much developed. Fishing is the main business.

3. Portugal


South American state is standing on 3. It is mainly because of the beaches and resorts that help the country to excel.

2. Brazil

Bandeira do Brasil

Football champions seem to lose here as they are standing on 2. This South American state is standing on number 2.

1. Pakistan


Pakistan is the most beautiful part of the world having all the four seasons throughout the year. The hilly areas and the top 14 highest peaks attracts a lot of tourists. It is the cheapest place for the foreigners.

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