Top 10 Most Popular Brands of all time

Music industry is considered to be one of the most progressive businesses which are getting more and more popularity with each passing second. Music bands are liked for their consistency and there are many bands that are more popular as compared to the other. The concept of music bands originated from the USA and after that this fever entangled the whole world in it. There are many bands that are working to promote the Music industry. Most of the people search for the top ten bands and the post will also discuss the top 10 most popular band of all time that will ultimately increase your knowledge on this subject. You will find the post as one of the best post. Comments and feedback’s are welcomed as you can add a lot towards the improvement.

10. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is one of those bands that are working for more than 20 years. There are many forms of music that are reproduced by this band and overall this band is being engaged in a heavy business and the popularity graph is also increasing.

9. Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

This band used to be more popular in the 1980s and the popularity graph vanished as the group member broke the group. The best thing about the band was the great solo and group songs that attracted the attention of hundreds and thousands across the globe.

8. Green Day

Green Day

Green day was another band of USA and was once the Rock star music band of their time. The best thing about the band was the overall performance. The stars performed in a very different fashion and astounding voice captured the hearts of millions.

7. U2


It was also considered as one of the most effective bands and the band is still performing on the top of the charts. The overall performance has made it to stand on number 7. The videos are very much fascinating.

6. Guns N’ Roses

Guns N Roses

Slash and Axl Rose made this band as one of the top famous band and for this reason it is standing on number 6. There are many rumors about this band but overall this band is going on the progressive side.

5. The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys

Yes there is a definite humor factor and what else do you expect from these crazy muffins? The great and arrogant fun made them to stand on 5. It is more popular in adults. People are now a day crazy about brands hence The Beach Boys is listed on fifth for most popular brands of all time.

4. Metallica


The heavy metal genre is very much sung by this band and for their popularity they are standing on number 4. The band has also launched many albums and there is a regular increase in the popularity.

3. Nickelback


With more than sale of 8 million copies in a year, this band is standing on number 3 and the overall rating of this band is increasing. In the list of Most popular brands Nickelback has secured third position.

2. AC/DC


The AC DC band is also considered to be the second best band. The overall maturity of this band is very much improved as compared to the other bands.

1. Nirvana


Don’t go anywhere! If you are listening to them then I bet that they will make you feel mad. The best thing is the excitement and the overall energy that makes this band one of the best bands.

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