Top 10 Best Ghost Movies in 2013

Movies are mainly liked for their stories and cast and the best movies are always those that are able to impress the audience in a better way. The horror movies are liked for their stories and there is suspense in every movie. These movies have a definite story and there is a moral in every film. Children are especially interested and the events such as Halloween add to the taste of these horror movies. These movies are liked for their overall stories and different characters that add to the suspense and the overall thrill. The horror movies are not recommended for all types of people because some people are very much sensitive towards the overall thrill and can become the victim of heart attack or the nervous breakdown. Some of the stories are based on the original facts and now the science is also accepting the existence of the supernatural creatures that are linked with the life of humans on earth. The Top 10 Best Ghost Movies in 2013 will give you an idea about the top movies that are doing business in the horror sector and these movies will also provide a lot of entertainment this year. We hope that you will like the article.

Ghost Movies

10. Warm Bodies

This is based on the story of a zombie who started to love a girl and the love story begins between the people of two worlds and this movie has been released in Feb and is now standing on the number 10.

9. Mama

This is the story of Annabel and Lucas who are given the challenge of the raising of the young girls who were lost in the forest for five years. This is one of the most horror movies and standing on number 9.

8. Maniac

This is the story about the killing of a boy that later aggravated a series of events in the surroundings and it is a sort of a revenge story that is very much full of thrill and adventure.

7. John Dies At The End

This is also going to be released soon and due to the possible popularity it is standing on the number 7. You should watch this movie and then add some comments about the movie.

6. Carrie

This is the story of a school girl who develops a particular habit of showing the super natural powers inside her. This is an interesting story and it is standing on number 6.

5. A Haunted House

This is the story of a loving couple who were shifted to their dream home but as soon as they spent time they came to know that some other people of different dimensions are also living in the house.

4. Evil Dead

Seriously when you talk about the evil dead then you will agree with me that it is a sort of blood shed that is mainly intended to spread the ugh factor in the movie. It is more pathetic then horror and it is not much horrifying except for some scenes.

3. World War Z

This movie is about the last world war between the people of this dimension and the people of the other dimension. The movie will give you an insight about the zombie world.

2. The Conjuring

It is standing on number 2. It is 2nd most horror drama.

1. Insidious: Chapter 2

When you are talking about this movie, it is number 1.

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