Top 10 Sniper rifles in the world of 2014

Ammunition science has become very much advanced and today most of the weapons are developed with the help of new technologies that tend to be more precise and accurate as compared to that of other technologies. Increase in the technology has resulted in the development of new warfare techniques and now more investment has been present in this sector. Snipers are used for the long distance shooting and there are many of the weapons that are developed using the sniper technology and technique. Many primary advantages are being offered by the sniper and these are enlisted in the next lines. Primary advantage is the accuracy and there is a complete accuracy of the target. Second advantage is the cost per target which is very low as compared to the advanced weapons that tend to be more expensive as compared to the sniper. Third advantage is the rapid portability and you can easily transport it from one place to the other. War against the terrorism is completely dependent upon the sniper men that are vigilant in operation with snipers. This post will discuss the top 10 sniper rifles in the world 2014 and it will definitely add to the knowledge about the weapons. Share it and like it as much as you can.

sniper rifles

10. Remington 700

This sniper is standing on number 10. The effective range is more than 1000 yards and it has 3-6 round internal magazines. The performance is quite consistent and it is light weight as well.

9. Dragonuv SVD

It is heavier as compared to above mentioned sniper. The sniper originated from Russia and due to performance it is number 9.

8. PSG 1

It is also considered as an important weapon that has a longer range as compared to the above two. It has intermediate weight and due to the magazines and other features it is standing on number 8. It should be noted that it is quite heavier as compared to the other two weapons.

7. M40A3

It is also heavier in weight and has a long range of more than 1500 yards in accurate range. Bullet is executed at a very high speed and there are no issues related to vibration and breakage.

6. M110

The weight is equal to the above mentioned gun but the effective range of this weapon is very higher as compared to the others. The 20 round magazines enable you to fire at an effective range.

5. CheyTac M200

This is also an amazing weapon and it has a huge weight and almost double as compared to the other guns. The effective range exceeds 2000 yards. CheyTac M200 is listed on 5th number for Sniper rifles in the world of 2014

4. Accuracy International  AWM

The weight is lighter and the range is also best so it is standing on number 4. The effective range is also best and it is for this reason this is mainly preferred due to multiple qualities.

3. Barret M98B

The weight is less and also the range that is higher as compared to the other guns of same origin. The effective range is also greater as compared to others.

2. Timberwolf C14

The gun has multiple purpose options and it can be used as a short range gun. The bullet execution velocity is highest and it can be taken as the best choice.

1. McMillan Tac-50

It is number 1 and it is widely used in USA for the sake of warfare. This is one of the best sniper rifles of 2014.

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